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S.C. SIGILPROD S.R.L.  main bussiness is manufacturing and selling security seals.

We have a high variety of security seals: from lead, twisted wire, metal sheet, plastic, pliers and with custom contratipa etc. also we can deliver seals for all main applications like: auto-trasnport, trains, sea-shipping, industrials seals and so on.

All personalised products are with special regime and there is no posibility of developing duplicates. All machines have as satndard a unique way of disposing serial numbers which is unique in the country called "progressive numbers" and on request we can customise the seals with the client company name and a unique serial number.




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Sealing pliers:

Application: sealing of water metters with lead paste or twisted wire ...

Wire type A:

Name: S.M.R. Type A, the product is made out of two galvanised soft wires (Ø 0.6 mm and Ø 0.3 mm) twisted simultaneoulsy...

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